Clash of Worlds

Brink of Dawn

And on the 7th hour of the dawning of the world, the gods rested, and then the tireless god began writing for what would quickly become another 7 hours.
The Dawn of Worlds method was entirely successful and yet still incomplete. With a few turns left the world and its inhabitants seem on the precipice of danger and war on multiple fronts. With the exception of the Arctic Elves of course.
The expansionist Lizardfolk find their boarders being encroached upon by immortal Skeletons and Magmin, while the Grippli Take to the sky to thwart the inhabitants of their obsession. Even the pteranodon riding Kobolds find their secluded northern jungle island suddenly inhabited by a secret organization.
All the while Gnomes continue hurtling through the sky on a large rock sure to come to some unfortunate end. How will it play out…tune in next week to find out.


Superb work Dylan! Your effort has not gone unnoticed.

Brink of Dawn
mengle666 WinWizzard

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