APC And NPC Classes

APCs are meant to fulfill those player needs to build something or own something that really does not fit well into a standard adventuring environment. Whether your APC is your brother the local smith or someone you hired to run your tavern, they are yours to control same as a PC.

Adept the adept is best suited to a role as a local healer or potion maker

Aristocrat the aristocrat may be the local magistrate or captain of the guard. Perhaps wealthy PCs will want to employ one as a steward to run their castle.

Expert whether a master smith, a studious sage, or determined investigator the expert is the catch all Skill heavy NPC.

Warrior while it is unlikely that a PC would really need another warrior waiting in town, the option is there for those that want treasure guarded. As influence increases this APC becomes more relevant to those players that want to build a fortress or army…or something darker.

APC And NPC Classes

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