The Benmarken began on Skull Island located in the Waters of Peril. The island and much of the sea are covered in a perpetual rainstorm… a flesh eating rainstorm.
As such the Benmarken are a race of 300 ghostly immortals.
To corporeal mortals most Benmarken appear as skeletons, but that belies their true nature. Benmarken are incorporeal, trapped between worlds without the ability to manifest as most ghosts can. As such; they have little to no capacity to affect physical items save one. Each Benmarken is anchored to the material plane through an item they have the ability to possess. For most this is their bones, but some unfortunate few who survived the flesh melting rain long enough to develop a culture, possess rudimentary weapons or other fetishes.
Devoid of any ability to reproduce their expansion seems
focused on trade and domination of the mortal races. They have taken to the sea on short wide ships made of stone. They have enslaved the most northern of the Wendigo, encroached upon the mining territory of the Lizardfolk and placed a trading post near most populated areas.
Benmarken are clearly Evil, but seek to dominate the world though control of trade and commerce. Having been the first to develop a monetary system, make contact with other races, and establish naval dominance; they are quickly becoming the Lawful Evil trade Syndicate.

Standard Racial Traits

Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Dex, +2 Cha. As Incorporeal undead Benmarken have no Strength or Constitution Scores. As such, they apply their Dexterity in place of Strength to mele weapon attack bonus.
Type: Undead, Subtype: Incorporeal-
Base Speed: Normal 30ft, Fly (as skill) 30ft
Languages: Benmarken speak Common (or everyone else learns Benmarken, however you want to see it).

Defense Racial Traits

Incorporeal- As such Benmarken are normally only affected by magic, and even then only 50% of the time. Their Item of Possession does not benefit from this ability.

Special Qualities

Item of Possession: Each Benmarken Possesses an item (or set of items), If the item is damaged, the Benmarken takes an equal amount of damage. A Benmarken may not travel more than 10 ft per Character Level from their Item of Possession. As a standard action a Benmarken can possess the Item and control it, though doing so means loss of flight. The Item will normally be their Skeletal Remains but see Campaign Specific Feats for other options.

Reform: A Benmarken of 3rd level or higher reforms within 10ft of their Item of Possession if it still exists in 2d4 days. If their item of possession is destroyed, they may finally rest.


Light Blindness: Sudden light either from exiting a dark cave into the sunlight or through spells such as Daylight, cause Benmarken to be Blinded for one round.

Power Level

One Benmarken in a party may greatly effect challenges. Such a party should face challenges one level higher than their APL until they reach level 5. A party of Benmarken should face challenges roughly 2 level higher than their average party level up to a level 5 party and 1 level higher up to an APL of 10. This Race was created with serious business by the DM. Hope you like it.


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