Campaign Specific Feats

Racial Feats

Benmarken Feats

Alternate Item Possession -Trade the ability to animate Skeletal Remains for a specific Item of tiny to medium size, as per animate object.

Innocence Lost -Small Size Skeletal Remains and aura of despair.

Technician Feats

Technician feats allow a character to get a bit more use out of a particular skill. The feat represents the innovative leap of the character to apply a skill in an uncommon way.

Technician Feats Table
Feat Prerequisite Description
Churrigeon 6 Ranks Heal You may use your Heal Skill to perform gruesome medical Procedures and experiments
Clock Master 5 Ranks Craft (Clock), Gadgeteer You may use Craft Clock create complex Contraptions
Gadgeteer 3 Ranks Craft (Traps) You may use Craft (Trap) to craft Gadgets

Campaign Specific Feats

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