Dark Port


The city of Dark Port was created by the Wendigo though it is certainly controlled by the Slark Co. It was the only trade hub for centuries and as such has every amenity or contrivance for sale. The port city also has many inhabitants most of whom are also for sale. Dark Port is well organized and defended, and characters will find nearly every item for sale out in the open. With no need for a black market, low crime, and plenty of work Dark Port is a sure bet for adventurers.

Characters in Dark Port should poor over the Tome of Commercial Conformity to ensure their behavior is not met with harsh punishment. Those who claim a draconian government have surely never had undead overlords…death is normally the result of considerable plea bargain and an excellent barrister.

Still the worlds largest center for trade and diplomacy, the port has had a few problems with sunken shipments of late, due to piracy and Gnomish terrorists.

Dark Port

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