Distance Gaming

To start with we must complete the Dawn of Worlds session. If you believe you will be unable to attend please read the PDF anyway. If you find that you would like to participate in the creation of the world either because you want to play by distance or simply want to contribute a villain or adventure every once in a while you may have 40pts to spend over the course of the three ages. Send me a message [within the portal please] of how and when you want those points spent.

Additionally if you would like to contribute a Villain or transplant one from a campaign you run to this one let me know after the results of the DoW session. The same goes for characters and NPCs

I would love to be able to involve everyone in the campaign that would like to play. I do have limited time though so totally individualized sessions for more than a few players is probably off the table.

However I do not think that in this age of technology and gaming that distance need prevent participation. I am open to using VOIP or IRC to communicate during a session in order to play from a large distance every once in a while. I am also open to the desire to affect the game world even if you can only write an email saying what you would like some of your characters to work on

Distance Gaming

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