Drachen Lord of Scales


Drachen Lord of Scale

Progenitor of the Scaled folk and their guide though the first age showing his children the art of war and instilling in them the will to expand. Vorherrschaft the name and doctorine Drachen gave his children for the world continue to be the guiding belief behind their continued expansion in the second age. The second age brought the discovery of elemental Obsidian and great strides in armor and weapon smithing.

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Drachen is a chromatic Dragon. He is all colors and none at the same time, his hue changes with his mood and need. The Scaled folk see him in his full splendor of changing shimmering colors but other races see him in reflection of their own mind, a corrupt mind would see him as a dark evil colored dragon and those of pure mind would see him as a light colored good dragon, who is to say if these perspectives are ture.

Drachen Lord of Scales

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