Magic Level

While the world of New Moon is one of high fantasy, much of the supernatural qualities are explained through events and development of skills in a world with slightly different set of Natural Laws than our own.

This age, and this season of episodic adventures will revolve around better establishment of trade and relations. As well as, the development of great wonders which our world lacks. There are plenty of things to discover, but adventurers in a young world have a unique opportunity to shape and build what others will find in latter days.

As such it is up to protagonists to determine what level of divine attention they want brought to the world, and how many arcane ley lines they want to reinforce. Great works of magic will draw the attention of more powerful outsiders as well as make such works easier to accomplish for others.

Session and Encounter While you may be used to spells and abilities regenerating with sleep and perhaps the setting of the sun in the Clash of Worlds the denominator for ability frequency is either Session or Encounter.

Magic Item Limit: At this point in our story a single magical item worth more than 8,000gp would be the object of intercivilizationary incident. Governments would vie for its control and wars would be waged. While there is no bar from a PC or APC to attempt to produce such an item…it should be done in game and with the understanding that there is currently nothing like it.

Magic Level

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