Multi-boxing, Multiple Characters

After the creation of our world, and a discussion of implementation of preferences we will have a character generation party. I will mull some wine, we will cook up some grub and perhaps play some cards while each of us creates the following:

5 PCs
Each player in the main planing group should have at least one character ready to go at each locus of adventure, so that we can pick up and play from anywhere with whichever group we can get together.

1 Villainous NPC
Don’t share this with the other players. If called upon to DM a Monster of the Week because the DM cannot, this is who you will use to terrorize the other players, and subtly promote your goals for the overall campaign

3 APCs
No…not transports, Associate Player Characters. These will be similar to NPCs that each player will run at times. They do not go on adventures or earn experience, but they do have goals and desires. Their goals may create adventure hooks, and their relationship to the PCs can help to complete other adventures. An example may be your dwarven warior’s older much more sensible brother the town’s smith. One week you may decide that he wants to make an ax of great power and renown, but requires specific ingredients. You and your mates undertake the expedition and he is able to make the ax. Subsequently you may all find yourselves needing such an ax to destroy some particularly nasty creature.

So what happens to all those characters when we play…here is the shorthand.

After each session that you play in each of your characters that did not participate will gain an extra 10-20% of the experience OR loot, that your PC for the week gained depending on your Story Score.
Each APC will gain money, prestige or power according to their goals and a skill roll modified by your Role Playing Score.
One PC or APC per week may decline this bonus to pursue some alternate goal, such as spell research or Item Creation given that they are not themselves on an adventure.
Finally if you level up…so too will your Villain.

If called upon to DM a monster of the week you may distribute the total loot equivalent AND experience your adventure awarded between each of your characters that are not themselves in the middle of an activity.

Multi-boxing, Multiple Characters

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