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So we have a wiki…
The contents of this page will likely be moved to subsequent pages as the campaign leaves the planning stage and we start playing. For now though I see no reason to have multiple place saving or sorting pages.

First off there are some Game Systems/Rules/Guidelines you may wish to familiarize yourself with:

Dawn of Worlds
This set of guidelines will help us to create the game world and its primary inhabitants together during the first Pre-campaign Session. Please read the above PDF before attending the session. It is only 8 pages.

The above SRD will be utilized to link existing races/classes/rules that we will use, and perhaps we may in turn add to it as our campaign progresses. There is no expectation of mastery here, but familiarity may give you some ideas or plans to use in the Pre-campaign sessions. Keep in mind that the list of Core races or classes will be generated from our Dawn of Worlds and subsequent sessions

Versatile Session Roster
One of the largest problems I have experienced in running a campaign is that not everyone is available for every session. Sometimes people cannot make it, and sometimes they simply do not show up. I believe we have a solution…check it out and keep in mind this is subject to the needs and desires of the whole group.

Distance Gaming
Whether you will be out of town for an extended time, or you live far from our group; you can still participate. The link above will explain a few of the ways, and how they will be handled in game.

Multi-boxing, Multiple Characters
While this may be looked down upon in MMORPGs, and normally presents real problems for DMs. The use of multiple characters will not only be allowed, but encouraged by this campaign. Follow the link above to see how that will work.

Old Main Page

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