Right now the most important thing is to get the characters made and posted. This is really a crucial step, we cannot play without characters.
The better developed your character is, the more fun the game will be for everyone. In a sense I am more concerned with background than I am with stats.
A great background and description can be found here Felix Heidelnussen.
Not all of us are as good at spilling ideas onto a page, I get that, and that is OK. Your Bio does not need to be lengthy or cleverly change voices. It does need to tell us what your character looks like (briefly) and why they are adventuring.

Here are some areas to consider. Feel free to cookie cutter it if you want, but creativity is fun, and no bio need touch all the points. These are just questions to get you started. Put words on the page…they can always be changed.

What does your PC look like? Height, weight, age, color, hairstyle, manner of dress. Focus on the features that make your PC look different from other members of their race. Take some inspiration from your Physical Ability Scores; Str, Dex, Con

For instance Nozo has a high Str and Con so he is larger than average. Felix has some low physical traits, and these are described by his age.

How does your character act? Personality, likes, dislikes. You can take inspiration from your characters Mental Ability Scores; Int Wis Cha. A low wisdom character may have a lot of bad habits, or be reckless, a low Int character may stand still with their mouth open, a low Cha character may smell bad or have an uncomfortable sense of humor, or a lack of one.

Why would you ever leave the shire? As high Int characters go… this can be hard. Fantasy stories are all about “But its nice here” and “Oh crap I wish I were home.” the reason is that Adventures suck. Really that is part of the fun.
In the middle ages here is a website full of unsubstantiated BS about travel in the middle ages, but it may give you some interesting character concepts.

Steal it from a book or movie So if you are still stuck, just steal it. I have played characters that emulate Captain America, Chaucer, Teddy Roosevelt, and they were all fun.

KISS The most fun character I ever played took about 30 seconds to craft.
It went like this:
Likes: Red
Hates: Green