Working Volcanic Glass

Working With Volcanic Glass

Whether it is Elemental Obsidian, Viridium, or just standard Obsidian items are crafted in largely the same fashion.
all items created from any of the types of volcanic glass gain the fragile trait and have a hardness of half the normal hardness of that item (usually 5)


Most often volcanic glass is crafted into standard ammunition for bows or atlas, and possibly darts. Normal Obsidian is cheap and easy to work into rudimentary points that will be just as sharp as a well crafted steel tip. Since Volcanic glass cannot be worked into a sphere by any but the greatest of craftsman ammunition for firearms will be in the form of flechettes. A flechette round created from volcanic glass is a one use item that shatters into multiple razor sharp darts. The cost of creating flechettes for a musket out of volcanic glass is increased by 3gp per projectile (on top of materials) to represent the expert knowledge required to manufacture them. Flechettes cannot be made for a pistol.

Vulgar Melee Weapons

Volcanic glass tips are often used in the creation of spiked clubs and spears. Normal obsidian weapons so crafted cost half as much as their steel counterparts. This is what is represented by the weapon cost adjustment on the Viridium and Elemental Obsidian Entries.

Masterwork Edged Weapons

Edged weapons can be produced largely out of volcanic glass, and such weapons are terrifying. Not only are such weapons greatly effective, but the shear concept of skill required to craft such a weapon will bring most smiths to their knees on sight. In fact these weapons are created by individually crafting between 20 and 100 razor sharp prisms and then adhering them to a base weapon. Aside from the fact that this is like playing Jenga with vorpal caltrops; it also requires great skill.

As such edged weapons created from Volcanic Glass of any type must be masterwork.

Masterwork Weapons

Masterwork Volcanic Glass Items cost twice that of other base materials, for weapons this will be 600gp plus the special material cost. Masterwork Weapons with Volcanic Glass edges or tips are considered Keen; doubling their critical threat range. As they are so expensive to craft and retain the fragile quality most are enchanted.

Crafting masterwork weapons with Volcanic Glass of any type requires the normal process for crafting a weapon of that type followed by a Craft Gem-cutting with a DC of 20.

Other uses

Armour cannot be effectively crafted out of Volcanic Glass. It is certainly hard enough to deflect force, but far too brittle to be moved in or take punishment overtime. Possibly through some form of magic it may be possible.

Most non weapon items will use Craft Gem-cutting or Jewlcrafting in the production process. Item costs should be determined by weight if available. The larger and more complex a piece becomes should modify the price as well per GM Discretion.

Working Volcanic Glass

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