FESA Mission

“To explore the strange flat world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no gnome has gone before…”

FESA (Flatworld Exploratory Science Association) organizes and trains the Gnomish Teranauts that must descend upon, or ascend to depending on perspective, the flat world. Missions are often based around exploration and diplomacy.

Skill Bonus

While attached to a FESA mission the Gnome receives +2 bonus on Knowledge (local) and Diplomacy checks to represent scrolling through the GELF (Gnomish Exo Life Folio) prior to making contact

Class Advantage

Bard: The GELF provides the Bard with a quick primer on a multitude of Flatworld subjects. This results in a +2 to Bardic Knowledge checks involving life forms of Flatworld.

FESA Mission

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