The Goblins of Near Moon have developed a slightly different culture than that of most worlds, but are physically very similar. As such they use the Pathfinder Goblin Rules but replaces the Skilled trait and Darkvision with the following:

Cooperation: A goblin can always ocupy the same space as another small ally when using the Aid another action.

It’s Never too hot in the Kitchen: Goblins gain a +2 to both profession (cooking) and saves made to avoid heat and fire damage.

Goblin Feast: A goblin can prepare a great feast (so long as their is food and a kitchen) that functions much as the spell Heroe’s Feast without the magic dressing. The feast can feed 1 person per character level and the feast must continue for 1 hour without interruption. Alas unless there are two goblins the character preparing the feast will always be just a little too busy to eat.


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